Friday, October 23, 2009
hello there..it's a longggggg time since i last updated this blog..because of sumone, i'll try to write this post as interesting as i can..ok?

today,22 oct (turn out i'm a lit' bit late..dah msk 23..hehe) is maryam birthday...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Maryam!! it supposed to be a very fine and happening day for maryam..but,someone destroyed it..! P.M is the MOOD DESTROYER...to maryam,pls bear with it..pls..insyallah sumthing more interesting will come...huhu...so, let us celebrate ur besday tomoorow ok? we'll enjoy as much as we can..laugh as loud as we can..sampai tecabut tekak pon xpe..aite??!

once again,happy birthday maryam..i wish for ur happiness and success...insyallah..

~sorry yam..can't make an interesting post for u..mengantok sudeyh..mate dah jadi separuh..heee..=)) but still, u hv to appreciate my effort..teheee~